UK Work Permit

What is UK Work Permit, and How You Can Get Work Permit.

History of United Kingdom depicts that they strongly relay on other nations to inject their talent in boosting UK’s industry. UK welcomes talented skilled professional of different fields, and UK work permit is given to those individuals to come to UK, stay there and work in UK companies.

What is UK Work Permit?

Work Permit is issued by UK, it is a lawful consent that permits individual to work in UK for a specific period of time and with a specific company or employer. Mostly, UK work permit is obtained by overseas nationals who dream to work in UK. Moreover, this permit also allows outsiders to stay in UK for work experience or training. If an individual applies for the work permit, home office can take 1 to 2 weeks for the decision.

UK Work Permit Categories

Uk has 6 different types of work permits that they present to the foreign individual who wishes to come and work.

Business and Commercial

Overseas individuals can come and fill those seats particularly that can be filled by local UK resident workers as-well.

Training and Work Experience Scheme (TWES)

TWES is for those who want to polish their skills and visit UK to get some training or work practice in specific industry and in a specific company.

Sports and Entertainments

For uplifting and enhancement of sports business and entertainment industry, UK provides permits to sportsmen and entertainers. They can come to UK and contribute in these fields.

Student Internships

Many universities ensure that their students had done an internship for a specific period in a company before allotting them a degree. So, UK permit oversea students to work in a UK company and complete their three months internship.

General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)

Employees of companies outside of European Union (EU) can come to UK and work under this work permit. If the company got any service contract in UK, employees of that company can come and serve in UK.

Sectors Based Scheme (SBS)

This work permit is for food production industry only. And individuals of Romania and Bulgaria can come and work in food industry only.

Good news is that if you don’t possess any job offer from United Kingdom, you are still eligible for highly skilled migrant worker. Moreover, UK has also launched a Youth Mobility Scheme, this scheme is for young individuals of overseas nationalities who want to come and visit UK to experience their culture and life.

Hospitality industry of UK has a huge demand and can digest numerous overseas nationals who are willing to serve in this industry in UK. You can search for jobs of this industry and polish your skills and get a job offer letter. Just take your time to plan and do some of the home work. Getting job in this industry is comparatively easy.

Documents and requirements for Work Permit in United Kingdom

  • A valid Passport having at least 6-month expiry,
  • Birth Certificate
  • Attested degrees, certificates and references.
  • If applicable attach copies of all work permit that you own
  • Entry visa

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