How to Get Dubai Student Visa from Pakistan

Student Visa Requirement for United Arab Emirates (UAE) From Pakistan

Dubai falls on top most level in all the countries of the world when you rank in terms of safety, diversity and tolerance. Life quality in Dubai is fantastic and has high quality career opportunities. This country is unique in its own type, its uniqueness emerges from the mix of international people and culture, 

For Pakistani Students Dubai is affordable and safe place and have few high-quality institutes. After securing admission in the institute of Dubai and fulfilling all academic conditions, student should go for the next step i.e. paying the tuition fees plus visa annual fee.

Student Visa of UAE

Student Visa is granted to International students who are enrolled in Universities of UAE.  Before applying for student visa process, make sure you have all your documentation complete and ready to avoid unnecessary delay in your Dubai student visa process. Dubai is an attractive nice study destination as it is too close to Pakistan. Dubai’s multicultural environment provides its students an international exposure. This international exposure is the integral part of international education experience.

There is a huge Pakistani community in Dubai, and many restaurants cater Pakistani foods. Pakistani taste and food are very common over here.

Student Visa for Dubai is allocated to international students who are enrolled in academic institutes or universities of Dubai. Dubai is offering special student visas for extended duration for these international students who show high academic achievements.

In May and June, you have to apply in your selected University of Dubai, you should fill the application form of that University. Make sure you have a valid passport, your academic attested certificates, degrees and transcripts and a roof of English Proficiency as medium of teaching in UAE is English. There are two main languages that are widely spoken and understood (i) English (ii) Arabic, for Pakistanis Students IELTS certification or TOEFL is required.

Tuition Fee Varies from University to University. An approximate tuition fee for a master’s degree in Dubai is around 48,000 AED.

Requirement for Dubai Student Visa

  • All of your degrees should be attested by Higher Education Council (HEC), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and the UAE Embassy.  in Pakistan.
  • Do carry dozens of your pass port size pictures and your passport copies as you will be need them a lot for documentation after landing in Dubai.
  • The Selected university must obtain license of Ministry of Higher Education.
  • International students must go through security check process
  • Valid Passport
  • 12 recent Photographs
  • A Tenancy Agreement
  • Evidence of fulfilling financial requirements in Dubai (Bank Statement)
  • Admission letter or Offer Letter from University
  • A copy of Tuition fee receipt for the first sinister/year
  • Traveler insurance
  • After Landing in UAE you have to go through Medical Examination. The tests include Hepatitis B&C, HIV, Syphilis, Leprosy and Tuberculosis. 

Things to Consider Before Moving to Dubai

  • Dubai is a hot country, but many malls and offices stick to lower temperatures, so take warm clothes to wear when you feel cold.
  • Try to learn basic Arabic Language. This will help you a lot.

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