Types of Visa in Qatar

If You Are A Professional and Hard-Working Person and You Want to Have A Fortune in Your Account, And You Want to Have Opportunities for Work, Then Qatar Is the Best Place to Choose.

Qatar is a place of opportunities for work and business. Qatar is a developing country which is becoming popular in the world due to business and work opportunities for people all around the world. People from all over the world are investing their money for business, which increases the chances of work for the workers. If you want to earn good revenue and you want the opportunity, then Qatar is offering many types of visas for the people around the world to come and invest and do the business.

Types of Visa

Qatar is offering a lot of opportunities for workers and businessmen to work and do business in Qatar. Qatar has many types of visas, which increase the chances of approval to go to Qatar and to do some business.

Visa of Arrival

Qatar recently introduced the new visa, which is a Visa of Arrival. This means you don’t have to take approval while sitting in your country, and you can have the Qatar visa at Qatar Airport. 

Qatar has only issued 80 countries from all over the world, which can get the Visa on Arrival. You can check if your country is in the list of those 80 luckiest countries which can have this visa by checking the Qatar airline.com and their Visa section.

They will tell you that you have to take a visa, or you can have at Qatar airport.

Tourist Visa

 This type of visa is given to the tourist from all over the world who wants to explore and wants to find an opportunity to work and business. This visa contains different time duration depending upon the different nationalities.

Some countries might have this visa valid for one month, and some countries might have 24 to 42 hours depending upon the nationality.

Transit Visa

When you are traveling to long distances countries and your airplane lands in Qatar for more than 5 hours, then you can have a transit visa and can visit Qatar.

A transit visa does not cost anything. This visa is given by the Qatar airline to visit Qatar when you have already reserved the tickets for your next destination.

GCC Resident Visa

If you are a non-GCC national and you reside in one of these countries, and you want to Qatar depending on your occupation, you can come to Qatar with GCC residency. You are allowed to stay for a month, and it cost only 100 riyals.

Business Visa

 Qatar is a hub for business because Qatar is continual, changing, and developing day by day, giving opportunities for work and business for people all around the world.

This Visa Is Valid for Seventy-Two Hours for A Quick Business Trip, And There Is One More Type of Business Visa Which Is Given by The Company to The Employer, Which Is Valid for Three Months and Can Be Renewed for The Next Three Months.

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