Get a Classy Job in Canada

No Doubt Canada is Facing Huge Shortage of Workforce, but You will need Experience and Great Skills to Get a Job in Canada

Canada and Professional Immigrants

Canada is a popular destination- for its natural beauty and has a decent positive reputation for accommodating world-wide nationalities. Canada is famous for its tolerant attuited and is the friendliest country for foreign nationals.

There are two official languages in Canada, English and French, and mostly a good grip of French language gives a positive boost to get a job. Companies in Canada encourage foreign professionals to come and work in Canada.

A simple way to find out a job is through your personal contacts (family – relatives or friends) to search for a job for you in Canada. This is a simple and mostly recommended way to get a job in Canada from other countries. Major industries of Canada are, services, energy, technology, manufacturing and agriculture.

Canada and Happiness Report

World happiness report give high ranking to Canada. It is seventh happiest country, and for foreign born residence Canada sustains its position of happiness.

Job in Canada

Do some job search in newspapers, job websites or through recruitment agencies and try to shortlist few jobs to apply. Send your updated CV and cover letter to the employer, you would be interviewed on phone.

Theoretically this is the process but chances to get a job in Canada is very low because paper work and getting Canadian visa takes a long time, if some employer had selected you for the job there are very low chances that he would wait for you for such a long period of time.

However, here are few tips to get a job in Canada even if you have not stepped into the Canada but you should have a strong great skill set to offer.

Jobs offered in difficult locations or in remote areas are have high chances to select foreigners as settled Canadians don’t want to move to such places.

Search different jobs, register with different job portals, and shortlist the jobs, do not apply for all jobs, just select jobs matching your skill set and apply regularly.

Your resume should be developed on Canadian style, you can search for the style or ask an expert to help you out.

Networking is the best simple way to get a job in Canada. Find your networks in Canada and ask them for the help, if they can search a job for you?

If you want to migrate to Canada, then you should have applied for multiple jobs before you forward your case to immigration department. This will save your time when you land in Canada, you can start moving towards the directions you had identified.

Four Steps

  • Develop a competitive skill set
  • Search, select and apply for different jobs
  • Apply for immigration
  • Go to Canadian and visit companies personally you have selected and applied

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