Why immigrants leave Canada?

Top 10 Reasons behind their Decision

Why Do Immigrants Leave Canada at All? They Have Spent Years and So Much of Their Money to Get Canadian Immigration and Then They Are Leaving |Read This Article to Know Top Ten Reasons |

Reason One – Family Disconnect & Loneliness

When immigrants come to Canada they come alone without their family, their plans of bringing their family in Canada are not clear. They feel disconnected whit their family, they feel lonely. They have left their family at home, their children, parents and sometimes their spouse as well. You have to leave all of your friends back home and you don’t know any one in the new country.

Reason Two – Financial Difficulty

Canada is an amazing country but not everyone who come to Canada gets rich. Its really difficult to accumulate wealth in this country. Expenses in Canada are so high, and you have to pay heavy taxes. Getting a good job that allows you to save enough money in Canada is really very difficult. People think that when they land in Canada, they will be able to save huge amount of money in a short span of time. It’s a huge misconception. You have to work really hard to save money in Canada. Do not get depressed while reading this article. No doubt Canada is a country that have a lot of opportunities waiting for foreign immigrants.

Reason Three – Not Willing to Start Over

You may be working in a senior most position in a company of your country, or you have a huge social influence in your country. But when you enter in Canada nobody knows you. You have to start from the scratch. In order to bring your live up you have to start from the beginning in Canada. Time comes when you have to wash the cars, clean windows or fill tanks. Many people just don’t want to do this, they come to Canada and unfortunately, they get depressed. They start planning to leave this country.

Reason Four – Real State Prices

Real state in Canada can be millions of dollars – It’s a huge topic. Prices are so high, if you want to buy a property in Toronto or Vancouver the prices are crazy. You will find a nice house for around 2 million dollars. In some cities you will be working for your entire life and will not save enough money to buy a house for you. It is difficult for immigrants to handler this issue. They think that they came to a new country and they can’t even afford to buy a house for themselves. Individual expect that when they go to Canada, they will be able to afford their family, raise children and buy a house.  But not all of their dreams come true.

Reason Five – Political Correctness and Different Mentality

There is a different mentality in Canada, things that are allowed in your country are not allowed here. Canadians speak in such a way that they would not offend any person when they are commenting on something. There is a censorship in Canada – things that you can say and things that you cannot. Things that are acceptable in your home country can be totally unacceptable in Canada – You cannot joke properly. At your work place if you do anything that is not allowed in Canadian culture, you will be ending up in Human Resource Department. People from other nationalities feel that Canadians are a kind of fake, they don’t say what they think. You are raised in a different culture where you use to do one thing and when they do the same in Canada they are taken as wrong. So, its difficult to handle these small things for some people. Canadian culture is very open minded and its difficult for immigrants to become that much openminded. Some people are raised more traditionally old-styled culture. You may experience that things that are considered wrong are allowed in Canada and at times things that are allowed in your home country is considered to be wrong in Canada. Its difficult to digest for some people so people leave Canada for this specific issue.

Reason Six – Medicine

You have to pay for prescribed medicine and dentist is so expensive in Canada. Its cheaper to fly to your home country and do all of your teeth and mouth than having one dentist lookup in Canada.

Reason Seven – Cultural Difference

It can be really depressing to adjust in different lifestyle. Different cultures can be difficult to handle for some people.

Reason Eight – Kids

Raising kids in Canada is totally entirely different. Kids can tell you whatever they want. Kids in schools are ruthless. E.g. if you say any thing stupid the kids in Canada can come to you and say you are stupid. So, raising kids is a problem in Canada and immigrants are worried for their kids, they don’t want their kids to have such mentality. In Canada you cannot raise your kids in the way that you were raised.

Reason Nine – Weather

Its too cold in winter. There are places where there is – 20 to – 30 degree centigrade. Some people can’t tolerate extreme weather conditions in Canada.

Reason Ten – High Expectation

Some people come in Canada and they have high expectations then the reality. People watch YouTube videos and listed to different people who praise Canada which is not real at all. People start developing expectations that when they come to Canada, they will get richer, raise a great family, get a job right away and buy a nice house and car. All of this together and in a short span of time. The expectations are high, and realities are different.  It is really difficult to go to Canada and succeed. Expectation and reality don’t meet, and people get disappointed. Higher expectations are another reason of depression and people start leaving this amazing country, just because they have developed wrong expectations for Canada.

One tip to enjoy Canadian life is to make Canadian friends as much as you can.

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