Eligibility criteria for Canadian Work Visa

A Canadian work visa allows you to officially work in the state while living in it for as long as you want. Depending upon the residence area and the needs, each applicant makes sure to apply for the work visa which they find most suitable to their needs. For this purpose, the officials have also made up some eligibility requirements for different categories that they must need to fulfill if they think they fall in the specific category.

When you get to know every minute of details about working in Canada, it becomes very easy for you to become confident in your skills and approach the opportunities that Canada offers worldwide- with greater enthusiasm.

Some General Requirements:

Even though there are many requirements set for different categories of people: belonging outside of Canada and people belonging to the state, there are some general requirements that all applicants must need to fulfill.

  1. You must prove to the officer that you will be leaving Canada when your work permit expires.
  2. You must obey the law.
  3. You mustn’t have any previous criminal record history.
  4. You must show that you have enough money to spend days in Canada while taking good care of yourself, your family member and even to return home after the expiration of work permit.
  5. You will never be a danger to Canada’s security
  6. It would be best if you did not plan to work for the employer listed among the employers who have regularly offered erotic dance and messages, escort services, and striptease.
  7. You must be in good health and have a proper medical exam.

Eligibility requirements for people applying outside of Canada

Following are some important requirements that you need to fulfill depending upon your territory and country that you are applying from.

  1. You should apply to IRCC or the Canadian visa office for the work permit.
  2. A Canadian employer should have sent you a job offer (if any)

Eligibility requirements for people applying inside of Canada

If you want to apply for the work permit in Canada from inside of it, then you must have to fulfill certain following requirements:

  1. You or your common-law partner, parents, or spouse must have a valid work/study permit
  2. You must have eligibility approval for the post-graduation work permit while you have your “still valid” study permit.
  3. You have a temporary resident permit valid for six months or more
  4. You have been recognized as a convention refugee, have claimed refugee protection, and are a protected person by the IRBC.
  5. You are an investor, a trader, a professional under CUSMA.

Summing Up

Work permits are extremely easy to get, but they need extreme precision in filling the form and requirements and even in carrying out the application process. These were some most important general and eligibility requirements for the applicants who are desirous of working in Canada no matter whether they live in or outside of it. Following these requirements is a must and will help you get better with the application process.

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