8 Simple Steps to Get UK Visa

Brief Guideline to Get Visa of United Kingdom (UK)

Getting a UK visa is not a rocket science, you can apply for it by yourself, if you have chosen to do it by your good self and save your money then get ready.

Here are some simple steps to get UK Visa form Pakistan. A cost-effective way to apply for a UK visa.

Step 1: What is your Visa Type?

Find out your visa type, research on it. First step is to determine what visa type is appropriate for you or which type of visa best suits you? You can search and select your visa type by browsing through UK Visas and Immigration website. Select your visa type and identify all documents that are requited by your selected visa type because different visa types have different document requirements, so you must identify your visa type and figure out the documentation requirements of that specific visa type.

Step 2: Apply online

After selection of visa type and completing all necessary documentation requirements, now it is the time to apply for the visa online. Go to www.gov.uk and apply for UK visa.

Good travelling record provides strong base to your visa case, so if you have any previous traveling record do display its proof in your documents. If you want to apply on behalf of someone of your relatives or family members, you must collect all of their traveling history and its proof.

Step 3: Appointment

Select visa application center and book your appointment. In this appointment your biometric information will be gathered. Biometric is getting fingerprints impression and digital photograph. If you are applying through student visa type, you may be asked to give a short interview in visa center.

Step 4: Pay Visa Fee

After booking your appointment you need to pay UK visa fee. This fee should be paid online, at  www.gov.uk. If you don’t have a credit or debit card you can ask someone of your relatives to pay the fee on your behalf, and you can adjust it later. Another option is that you can visit visa centers and they will pay the fee on your behalf, but they will charge some extra money for it.

Step 5: Modify the Process (Optional)

After your visa fee payment, you will get a reference number. And you can adjust your visits to application center. Make your visa process smooth and easy for you.

Step 6: Appointment

You must attend the appointment at visa application center yourself, no one else can go and attend it on your behalf. It is better to arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment time. Take all documents: your valid passport and hard copy of your visa application.

Step 7: Track the application

You should stay up to date regarding your application status and process, you will get an email of your decision, you can also choose to adapt updates via SMS.

Step 8: Get your Documents Back

Go to your visa center and get your document.

Good Luck for UK Visa Process

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