Type of Canadian Work Visa

Most foreigners outside of Canada desire to get work within Canada, and for this, they need a work permit that officially allows them to earn a respectable living in the state. There are many types of Canadian visas: work visas, study visas, tourist visas, and many others depending upon the need and desire to visit the state. However, work visas are the official licenses that allow you to work in Canada during your stay in the state. 

Applying for the work visa is as simple as it is for other visas, but still, there are some things that you must know about the process to avoid any misleading. Here you will get all information on how the types of Canadian work permits, which purpose each of them is used for, and what are certain terms and conditions set by each of them so that the process of applying might become easier for you.

Types of Work Permits

Before you ever get to start applying to get a Canadian work visa, we think it more helpful to know about the details of the types of work permits. There are two types of work permits:

  1. Employer-specific work permit
  2. Open-work permit

Both these work permits are different from one another based on applicability upon the employee and usage within the state. However, the only similarity between them is that these allow you to work within the state to earn your living.

Employer-specific Work Permit

This work permit sets certain conditions of work for you that you have to fulfill and work accordingly when you are visiting the state. These conditions include the mentioning of

  1. The location where you plan to work
  2. The duration: for how long you plan to work
  3. The name of the specific employer that you can work in the state

Note: Before you ever submit your employer-specific work permit application, ensure that the employer who wants to hire you has completed certain steps and provides an employment number on your application or either with the Labor Market Impact Assessment.

Open-Work Permit

Unlike an Employer-specific work permit, an Open-work permit lets you work with any employer in Canada. However, there is a restriction that you cannot work with the employer that is included among the list of employers who have failed to meet the requirements or regularly offers erotic dance and messages, escort services, and striptease.

Note: You can only apply for the Canadian work permit under certain conditions and in specific situations.

Wrapping Up

Above are the two types of Canadian work permit that provides you with the license of working within Canada; however, we suggest you first figure what your needs are: whether you have decided to work with a specific employer or need to search for some work in Canada, and apply for the work permit accordingly. When you figure out your needs for the type of work permits before moving to Canada, it saves you from many hassles and troubles that might block your way to success.

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