Must Read Before Entering into Oman

Some Insights for Living in Oman

If you are planning to move to Oman, you should know some basic living standards and every day routine of Oman. Oman is the southeast corner of Arabian Peninsula it lies between United Arab Emirates and Yemen. Mostly the expatriates settle in capital city of Oman i.e. Muscat.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Before moving to Oman, you should know that the Oman is place that has extremely hot weather conditions, its temperature range from 22°C to 25°C in winter seasons and it is around 40 degree centigrade in months of June to September. In deserts temperature has huge difference during day time and in nights. Days can be hot, and nights can be freezing. Heat is dry and humid along coastal areas. In summer season Oman is very hot, especially on the coast. Humidity level may reach to its optimum level in these areas.

Oman’s Language and its Population

Oman is an Arabic Country, So, its official language is Arabic. But its education medium is English, Foreign immigrants need not to worry as English is spoken and understood widely in this county. This country consists of huge deserts and its population is very low. Around 46,000,00 people live in Oman, this population is majorly chunked into two main cities of Oman. It has over 45% immigrates.

Safety in Oman

It is a safe country and had faces too low political instability. Foreign immigrants should not fear from sudden political crisis. Violence and crime rate in Oman are very rare, but it is always good to take few precautionary measures.

  • Avoid going to unfamiliar deserted areas, or neighborhood.
  • Do not travel late night, especially when you don’t have a companion.
  • Keep your valuable good in safe places.
  • Omanis drive very recklessly, so accident ration in this country is pretty high.
  • Especially Non-Muslims in Oman should respect the Omanis religion. You should avoid eating, drinking or smoking in public area in the holy month of Ramzan,
  • Do not wear vulgar clothes on beaches, use “modest” clothing outside pools and beaches. Male should avoid wearing shots and sleeveless shirts, and females should avoid wearing calf-length skirts and their shoulders should be covered properly

Overseas immigrants appreciate the country for its hospitality and safety. Muscat is a small country and networking is easy, you may feel that everyone seems to know each other.

Lifestyle in Oman

Expat population in Oman Consists of mainly citizens of American, British, Australian, Canadian, South African and New-Zealand. The most developed city of Oman s Muscat consisting of big shopping malls, bars, restaurants, entertainment venues and sports clubs. In Oman if you want to adapt western style living you can adapt it, as it contains huge number or western expats.

There are numerous social clubs in Muscat and consists of large expat population. One can easily make friends n this city of Oman. If you want to move to Oman, you would find easy to get hired in education industry, oil industry or medical industry.

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