Student Visa in Oman

Student Life at Oman: Student Visa Details and Living Experience

Overall population of Oman is over 3.8 Million and is a very rich country. Its rapid pace of educational development made it a focus of attention for international students, as Sultanate of Oman made their, one of the prime agenda to flourish in educational industry. Omani institutes are linked with American institutes, European institutes and Australian institutes.

There are more than 20 institutes in Oman where international students can get themselves enrolled. Most of the degrees are being taught in English, and International students can easily settle into Omanis education system. It takes up to five years to complete a degree in Oman.

Oman is a peaceful country and is very beautiful. People of Omanis are genuinely polite, their nature is mild mannered. They could rank on the top most of best-behaved people in all GCC country cousins.  Muscat is a beautiful valley surrounded by sea and mountains, Muscat experience is stunning, Oman is a coastal country that has most finest beaches of the region. These beaches are un populates and unspoiled.

Student Visa

Students intend to adapt graduation program in Oman have to apply for student visa before the arrival in Oman. This will take ten days to complete your student visa process once you have submitted your student visa application, here are few things to get student visa of Oman from Pakistan.

  • Get admission in Oman’s institute,
  • Pay all visa fees
  • Medication
  • Cover letter from you sponsor/university explaining your course requirements and other details

International Students are not allowed to work in Oman, as the student visa terms restrict them to work and earn

In last fifteen years Oman has grown rapidly, but still it is a developing country. People of Oman are very religious. All Omanis are Muslims Alhamdulillah. Public areas and shops are shut downed five times a day for prayers, and majority of businesses remain close during the holy month of Ramzan.


Before exploring all accommodation options, one thing you should keep in your mind is that your accommodation should have the facility of air condition (AC). There are three main options, the first one is to live in hostels provided by your institute. Second option is to rent a private accommodation i.e. flat or room and the last option is to stay with Omani family as a homestay

Life at Oman

Oman is a rich cultured county, and new immigrants can find various opportunities to live and enjoy local traditions. Oman’s life is full of great intercultural experience. You can go to countryside like the peninsula of Musandam, and experience Omani yearly cultural extravaganza. Famous dish of Oman is khawa.

Mostly cars are used as a transportation medium however you can find a facility of public railway system. Roads in Oman are well maintained and are in good condition.

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