How To Get A Visa From Russia

Russian Visa

A Russian Federation visa is a document that allows you to visit Russia for a set length of time. The permit specifies your entry and exit dates, as well as your name, passport information, and trip purpose.

Please keep in mind that your Russian Visa serves as both an entry and an exit permit: if you lose it or stay past your scheduled departure date, leaving the country may be more complicated than entering it.

What Are Visa Types in Russia?

  • Tourist Visa is valid for only one month or thirty days, and it can be a single-entry Visa or a double-entry Visa.
  • A private Visa is valid for ninety days or three months.
  • Business Visa is valid for three months, and you can also get one year valid Visa for multiple entries.
  • Student Visa is valid for three months, and it depends on the graduate school, college, or university.
  • Work Visa is valid for three months.
  • Transit Visa is valid for three days only.

What Are Requirements To Get Russian Visa?

Here are the following visa requirements for the interested visitors.

  • Your original passport with the validity time of six months
  • Your ID card’s copy provided by your homeland state
  • The desired visa application form with all the necessary details
  • Two or four of the most identical passport size images
  • Details regarding your financial means
  • Details regarding your life & health insurance and medical report
  • Provide your documents regarding your education and job history on demand
  • Prove that you can speak and understand the English, or Russian language
  • Provide the details regarding your business concern in case of a business visa
  • Prove that you don’t hold any illegal record or activity
  • Provide the residential information and flight reservation details

What is Procedure To Apply For Russian Visa?

The process is not complicated. The wishing candidates shall contact a traveling agent or international traveling agency to discuss more.

  • Visit a good visa offering website.
  • Search for your desired Visa
  • Now, get your visa application form
  • Fill the form and provide your correct details
  • Attach the necessary documents and submit the form
  • Wait for its approval, and you can go forward after your application approval
  • Now, arrange all your important documents
  • Make a set up for an interview
  • Answer the questions confidently
  • Provide all the information and your details, legal and accurate.
  • Take care of your luggage and essential papers. 

It will be nice to contact your homeland airport for further details about the visa fee and your residence in the state.

Final Words

Russia is famous like other states in Europe. It welcomes millions of international visitors all the time. All the candidates who will visit Russia for the first time can find this article’s essential details.

Several websites are available on the internet but check the websites cautiously when you provide your personal information and visa application fee payment.

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